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“An enormously talented man, a complete artist”

“His work is all-encompassing; you can imagine it as a stage play or as lyrics to a song.  I would love to see the poems performed as a part of a dance piece.”  “Honesty, intimacy, ability to communicate at a gut level!  I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.  I hope that this is a voice that continues to be heard” 

- Nina Diamond, Judge, 2008 IPPY Awards

"The rhythms Mr. Shelton beats out in his poetry send messages like those hard pounded on the ancestral tribal drums of times and places past. He beats rhythms of love, lust, longing, loss and individuality. I could shake my hips in time to many of those emotional, poetic drumbeats...Take a look-you'll probably find something that sways you out of your complacency too."

- Valerie Padilla

“A window into the brave vulnerability of a modern-day prophet.”

“Leo Shelton’s RHYTHMS is a window into the brave vulnerability of a modern-day prophet. In this promising debut, Shelton provides a glimpse into, not just a world that he’s so passionately lived, but a world we know, pass by, move through, to begin again in. In Rhythms, we taste life’s sweat, inhale sounds of DC in high-summer, and hear the aroma of somebody’s black mama’s kitchen in Nashville. Shelton calls it like it be, without hiding behind the fictionalized experience that trivializes the legacies of soldiers like Essex, Melvin Dixon, and Assoto. I am proud to be discovering what it means to inscribe our experiences so truthfully and poetically, alongside him.”

Tim’m T. West
Author, Red Dirt Revival, BARE, and Flirting

Rhythms truly is a gourmet meal for the poetry connoisseur.

“Shelton’s Rhythms is a remarkable, impressive work, with “dat” distinct urban feel.   Its words, phrases and sentence structure all have movement—they throb, they pulsate, they sway, they dance.   Tasty, tantalizing, and eclectic, this collection of poetry, at times, gives one the sense of déjà vu.  (Awww…. this writer can hear Dionne Warwick crooning her pop hit, “Déjà vu,” in the recesses of his mind.)”

“By no means is Rhythms simply “reading candy.”  Au contraire.  It is substantive and thought provoking.  This writer has to say that although the majority of the volume is readily accessible, some of its selections take just a little bit of time to figure out and “get used to,” which make you go “Hmmmm.”   And then, “Yo.  Now I got it.”

“But, it’s all good because Rhythms engages the mind.   This collection is both cerebral and earthy.  Shelton is a unique voice.”

- Wyatt O’Brian Evans

Rhythms: The Poetry Connoisseur’s Gourmet Meal
By Wyatt O’Brian Evans

Mr. Evans is an actor/comedian, voice talent/instructor, writer and author. His bylines have appeared in publications including the Washington Post, Washington Blade, Prince Georges County, Maryland Journal, and American Politics and Metropolitan Washington magazine. He conceived, developed and wrote an African-American, gay, erotic serial for Gay Black Male magazine, and his new full-length novel (gay/ethnic/erotica) is entitled "Nothing Can Tear Us Apart."

Book of Poetry “Rhythms” Engages The Minds of Poetry Readers