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Who is Tugson Press?

"Tug" comes from the nickname of Leo's mother (Carolyn), who often would tug behind her four brothers, as the only girl, when growing up in the same neighborhood projects of Nashville, Tennessee, that bordered the Fisk University campus. It was during this time that her love of the arts, writing, poetry, music and involvement in community activism, socio-political dialogue and social consciousness was born. It also solidified for her the power of words, creative dialogue and its enormous contribution to the broader society. It was through her love, acceptance, encouragement, and mentorship that these principles, shared by his father, grandparents and the best god-mother a person could have, that he began to write, many years ago.

"Son" comes from the nature of this existence. As one of five boys, the middle one, there has always been a special connection of association, validation, acceptance, and encouragement, to be just who you are, but to be the very best of you that you know how to be. And even if you fall short of the goals you have for yourself, or those superficial ones that others have of you you will be exactly where you are supposed to be for now. These connections these familiar places are what have continued to bring him confidence in life, inspire him, and allowed him to continue to grow through tolerance, understanding, education, writing, and aspiring for more.


The mission of Tugson Press is to become the number one small press publisher, distributor and promoter of new and innovative artists, and to achieve the largest market share of such small presses in the country, working with and supporting free and enterprising endeavors of authors, through leadership, guidance and support, providing this work to customers in the highest of quality and at the most economical of prices. We will provide the most attentive customer service and be active and vocal members of the community in artistry, poetry, spoken word, performance art and socio-political activities. We will provide continual re-investment through events, participation in community activities and financial contributions to further the talents of the artists and authors and connect them with the appropriate networks of audiences that understand the value of the arts to society, and will promote their innovative works of creativity in a respectful, creative and rewarding way.

Keys to success

  • Provide new and innovative artistry to the masses.
  • Continuously tap into undiscovered markets and explore new areas of interests.
  • Provide consistent quality products, services and customer service.
  • Engage in the process of changing minds and making a difference in society.
  • Provide a venue for development, education, and continued dialogue.
  • Respect the creative process and those who are involved in it.
  • Partnership and team with other organizations with similar causes and ingenuity.

The Team