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Leo Shelton

Leo Shelton is a writer, author, poet, educator, scholar, and a self-proclaimed life long learner and student of life. He credits his mom (Carolyn Ė "Tug") as the most influential connection and influence on his creative foundation. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, he began to journal, write short stories and poetry at the very early age of 10 years old. It was there, surrounding his emotional development, through the exposure to such substantive and creative arts of Fisk University, his mother and god-motherís alma mater, and Tennessee State University, his fatherís alma mater, that his first interests in the arts took anchor, through such influences as the Jubilee Singers and local playwrights and visual arts. He entered a couple of local and national poetry writing contests, and actually won a couple of awards. This solidified the quest to one day write and publish.

Often labeled as a renaissance, he cautiously credits influences of such legends as Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes and Marlon Riggs as having a major impact on his desire and creative expression, because "as powerful as those influences are, music, politics, love, life and so much of my culture, development and exposure, I think, also influences from where the words flow." He additionally credits such influences as Robert Hayden, Richard Wright, Walt Whitman, and Paul Laurence Dunbar as big ones as well. Asked what or who he is reading or following these days, he comments, "Common, and Mos Def and Floetry are all doing their thing in a way that is bringing poetry to the forefronts, through music and song that is so impressive." Heís also a huge fan of Terrance Hayes and his work. "And one of my personal favorites is the unbelievably talented, Timím West Ė he and his work are incredibly intoxicating." With such a respect for the legends and a connection to the new Ė itís no wonder this up and coming artists is already being labeled a renaissance force.

And if that is not enough, he is an adjunct faculty member at University of Phoenix, Keller Graduate School, Strayer University, Southeastern University, and Capitol College, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business, finance, organizational behavior, management, and economics, and a freelance consultant and course developer. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management (Magna Cum Laude), an MBA in International Management, an MPA in Government Programs Management (Cum Laude) and an MBA in Financial Management, and he recently completed a Masterís of Arts in Organizational Management. Heís completed two years of law school and is currently working on a PhD program. He resides within the Washington, DC area.

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